Wednesday, November 26, 2014

They Mystery Begins

The Grand Illusion Mystery begins soon.  Bonnie Hunter is starting the mystery on Black Friday.  I plan to take the leap. Most of my quilts are inspired from a pattern but have a twist to make them original, so I haven't wanted to make a quilt knowing so many quilts will be so similar.  What changed? The inspiration.  My family has been to Mackinac Island.  (2002)

My husband and I drove the 5 mile bridge over the Straits of Mackinac at least 8 times a year for 5 years. 

The mainland town of St. Ignace was the pit stop we would make on our 10 hour journey to and from college. This area of the country is very scenic.
This pic is over 12 years old.  This is the Lake Michigan side.  Lola in the back, MJJR next to dad.
A bridge over a creek leading to Lake Michigan along Rte. 2
In the Upper part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula are some beautiful sights.
This is the view from my old apartment.  That is a ski hill.

This is an old Copper Mining Building. Also view from my apartment.

 The sentimental inspiration for this quilt along with the beauty of Bonnie's Quilt inspired me to say yes this year. 
 Please leave a comment if you have participated in the past.  Why did you participate? Your experiences?  Deadlines?  Keeping Up?  Did you alter the pattern?  Commitment is scary!

The original colors are bright green, the lighter turquoises, the brighter pinks and the lighter yellows.  My stash is lacking in some of these colors.  The color scheme may be altered....scary.   My motto is use what you only what you truly need. 

Keep Quilting,
Just Another Quilter


  1. I've always been too chicken to do a mystery quilt! I like to cheer everyone else on though :)

  2. I started last years quilt, Celtic Solstice. I ran out of time to finish before starting this years. Last year I did scrappy but had to buy lots of fat quarters etc as
    I don't have a stash.
    I do have most parts finished, it's just the assembling.
    This year I bought yardage and I'm only doing half to start off with.
    Also this year I have changed the colours a smidgen.

  3. I made Roll, Roll Cotton Boll and Orca Bay and stopped there. I didn't do Easy Street or Celtic Solstice because my RRCB and Orca are still quilt tops and I told myself I wouldn't do another BH mystery until those were finished.

    I made myself keep up with the sewing each week because I knew if I didn't I would never complete. I made both quilts exactly as specified in exactly colors specified and used up scraps. I enjoyed quilting along with other quilters and I like Bonnie's quilts. That's why I participated. And now, even though I do love the mystery quilts, I don't think I will participate again even if I finish the above two mentioned quilts. I get kind of tired of seeing the same quilts over and over and over again in blog land and at quilt shows.


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