Monday, November 10, 2014

Design Wall Monday-November 10th

The latest endeavor into the 5" squares....
  We exchanged 5" black/dark grey squares back in July.  Often I need a little time to make some decisions.  This time the inspiration came from a quick quilt another guild member made and an idea that keeps popping into the creative ways.

My original plan was to end at the black border.  The quilt would measure about 50" x 50".  It would be an appropriate size for a donation quilt to Margaret's Hope Chest.  I have donated to this group before.  There are other quilts in the pipeline and I would like to make the donation to Margaret's Hope Chest in February.  Sooo there is time.
NOW......this quilt could be sent along with another quilt to 2 beautiful great nieces for Christmas.  If a border print is added the quilts will be the same size.  Check out the other quilt, a torquoise beauty here.

Which fabric do you like?  I am leaning toward the dots on the left side...which are different from the bottom.  Or shall I call it good and save it for February?

Both nieces are not yet school age....and DH did some early Christmas shopping so the Long Arm (yes, he wore me down and I finally agreed) arrives tomorrow.  !!!   EEK!  That means it shouldn't be too bad to get another top together.  The 5" exchange this month was pastel.  These would make a great uplifting quilt for Margaret's Hope Chest.

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  1. Lucky lucky you! Your husband has great gift ideas ;)

  2. That is a cute quilt, I like the dots on the bottom but any of those fabrics looks good. I'd send it to the niece and make another for February since there is some time. What a lucky girl, getting a long arm for an early Christmas gift. Your hubby is a keeper!

  3. My favorite is the floral on the right, but they are all fine. Congratulations on the longarm!

  4. I like the dots on the bottom too. You will have to tell us all about the long arm once it is up and running.

  5. I like the dots on the left! I also like that pattern! I hope to live long enough to make one someday --- after Christmas ---- well, maybe in 2015 sometime! ---"Love"