Monday, February 22, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I really enjoy looking at Design Wall around the world. A few weeks ago mine looked very similar to one in Louisiana. Though I still have borders to put on the quilt, I have set it aside. The borders will be cut probably today. The pinning and sewing will occur at retreat in 10 days!!

Judy at The Patchwork Times can show you all the links for today.

After talking to the LQS, I get to teach a class. I have taught before, but never at a LQS for paying customers. With the support from all of you, I'm going to try. Here is my first attempt at a block that I wanted to teach. It is 3-D, not paper pieced and not so bad with all the little bias edges. After reading the directions again (oops-probably should have read them good the first time) I decided that I wanted to add the outside of the circle before sewing the whole thing together. Since I need more practice before I cut into the real fabric (LQS set it aside), I am trying again. Here is what I did yesterday.
I now need to square up the quadrants and insert the dark brown w/ polka dots. Give me luck. Today the girls went to school (it was questionable) even with a big snow last night. The driveway is done but I am not sure with the packed down spots I can make it up the drive if I go out. That is too bad. Must I stay home and sew. ;)


  1. I really like that second one! Stripes!

  2. That is really neat! When your students finish they will be amazed at what they have learned!

    Enjoy your day home sewing! It is snowing in NM again, with several more storms headed in from the west so you may have more snowy sewing days ahead of you, too.


  3. Wish I could be in your class. Your blocks look great.
    You will have fun teaching and your students will be excited to learn to do this block.

  4. I love that pattern! The second block really pops. I want to come to the class!

    I hope you get some sunny warm weather soon. There is more snow predicted here on Thursday. Blech. :) Christine

  5. If I didn't live on the other side of the world I'd be first in line for this class. I like 3D fabric projects and this is a corker - a compass block! It looks terrific! Enjoy your sewing day. Ann :-)

  6. I wish I could take your class too! I want to learn how to do all those sharp points! I hope you got to stay home and sew today; you certainly didn't need to be out on the ice and snow! *grin* Guess we will get it tomorrow again! ---"Love"

  7. I love Design wall monday too.--although it takes me all week to get to everyone. I'm amazed that you're posting a mariners compass--I posted about mine as well...a ufo since 1994 (yikes) finally going to get quilted. Hope you were stuck at home sewing--love it when that happens.

  8. I love Mariner's Compass blocks...not too many people do them right now. I think it's because most prints are too big for this sort of thing.
    Have fun with your class...don't let the paying part scare you;)
    Happy Quilting!!!

  9. Love the mariners compass! If you enjoy sharing your knowledge, your students will enjoy the class. Thanks for showing the one in progress--now I "get" how it goes together. Mary