Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Design Wall

A couple weeks ago I showed the design wall. It was my Leaders & Enders project. This was a great project for middle of the night sewing (sleep doesn't always happen for me). The borders are not attached yet. I think that I will put them on while at retreat in March. OOOH! I am going to retreat!!!!

Here is the current middle of the night project. I picked these BOM's up from Joann's back in 2004. I purchased them for no more than $3 a piece. The bird print was the back of my youngest daughter's quilt. The leftovers stayed in the stash for 7-8 years until last week when I gave most of the bird print away. Now, the print looks really well with the blocks. The women has offered to give it back, I offered to let the women come and pull something new. The colors are so old, I am afraid unless I find something else old, the colors it will be hard to match.
Can you find the block that was put together wrong in the middle of the night? That is what happens at 3am.
I am going to retreat! I don't always get to go, so it is very exciting. What to bring? What to bring? Why of course, everything. The borders for the Leaders & Enders project. I need to finish the quilting on the "Sister to the Lodge" so the binding can go on. The binding might be attached at retreat. Also, I need to make 3 equilateral triangles in the stitch & flip method. I hate making these blocks. This is for the Dahlia that is forever haunting me. I also need to make the sample for the class I hope to teach.
I have a clean house, laundry cooking and food on the table. Time to get back to the stitching now!
Have a great weekend. We are off to a small town for a Basketball tourney tomorrow. DD1 is off to Speech Sectionals. She will be back tomorrow for a babysitting job. I might see her on Sunday. She is hoping to spend some time with the boyfriend on Sunday, too.


  1. The Leaders & Enders quilt is wonderful! That brown did just the trick. I can't see what you did wrong in the blue and yellow quilt, but I really like that bird fabric.

    Have fun at retreat! Make sure to bring everything so you don't run out of stuff to do because making an emergency trip to the local quilt shop for a new one would be just awful!

  2. Retreat sounds like fun, hope you get a lot accomplished! I like the bird fabric, too. It goes just right with the blocks. Is the boo boo on the middle block on the left? It was hard to find! I don't always sleep all night any more, either. I try but sometimes I play on the computer in the middle of the night. But I look for quilt stuff so it is fun.


  3. That bird fabric is perfect for your colors, and it is going to be one gorgeous quilt! I think maybe the mistake is in the lower right corner of what is to be the center block. I doubt anyone will notice when it's quilted, but at this point, it shouldn't be too difficult to correct, wherever the problem is. I know that because I just yesterday had to correct two blocks in my kaleidoscope! *Frown* MY eyes went to my mistake every time and I couldn't stand it!
    Your Leaders and Enders quilt turned out really, really well! And I love the two borders you have chosen; a perfect ending! ---"Love"

  4. Oh the Leaders and Enders quilt has really come together!! I love the black border. Have fun at the retreat and good luck to your daughter :) Christine

  5. Wow! Can you wait until March to do the borders on the Leaders and Enders quilt? By the time I get that far in a project, I am terribly anxious to get it finished and move on to the next. The brown turned out to be perfect! So, are you going to correct the "boo boo" or let it go on the BOM project? Isn't there an old saying about every quilt having at least one error? And you're right about the bird fabric, it is perfect for this one. Mary

  6. Clean house, laundry goinga nd food on the table! Wow! I hope you enjoyed your stitching guilt free. Your leaders and enders quilt came out beautifully. Aren't design walls great? The bird fabric for your BOM quilt border will be just the thing. Have fun at retreat! -Joanne

  7. Your leaders and enders quilt looks so great. The brown was the right color for your quilt. I can find the boo boo on your BOM , but only because I have that quilt and I am trying to finish qulting it. Your border is beautiful, I have the one that came with the finishing kit.
    Look forward to seeing your done.
    The retreat sounds like fun.

  8. Both quilts are looking good. You must be so pleased with your efforts. Retreat will be lots of fun and think of all the work you'll achieve. Happy Stitching, Ann :-)

  9. Love what you are doing;) Middle of the night sewing is great, even though I haven't done it for a long time.
    Laundry cooking? Sound like what I have done to the laundry myself. And then I wonder why my jeans don't fit;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  10. 'love your Leaders and Enders. Mine's finished, but I'm not ready to display it yet - maybe in a week or so. 'just want Easter to settle on my blog, first.