Friday, February 19, 2010

Recent buys

Recently my birthday came and went. The family was very busy the day of and a few gifts were opened the day before. Noteworthy were 2 magazines/books. Quiltmaker will be sending out all 100 blocks to readers that correctly identified designers of the blocks. I can only hope a great block comes my way!

Also, on the way home from work on Tuesday, I enjoyed a quick jaunt to the local Hancock Fabric store. I like checking out the clearance aisle. This time I think that I did pretty good. Over the years, picking up a BOM at a pretty good price. You can see one purchased a few years back, on the design wall last week. The newest purchase has a total of 12 blocks, all the same pattern. I think a quilt filled of these flowers in different colors (easy to add in some triangles in my own) will go together nicely. Dancing flowers with cute faces in frames or maybe windows of a house. It is something in the way out future, but will work out. All for the low price of $6. Also in the bag coming home is some "quilt hanging hardware". A nice rod and clips will hang just about anything--a bargain for $1.

Off to the school for a weekend of basketball. Get to run the concession stand! Yipee! Actually it will be rather fun. The whole family is in on the event. Lola (DD1) is looking forward to seeing her BF (B-Boy) and working the admission table with him. Good clean fun!

Have a great weekend.

Just Another quilter in the world.


  1. Happy Birthday! Your books are terrific and I hope you do win a block. Great bargains, the clearance aisles have some real treasures - such as your BOM. That's a really nice pattern. The rod and hooks were a steal! Ann :-)

  2. Well first, Happy (Belated) Birthday. your book and magazine look very interesting.
    Next, don't laugh... remeber when you posted the Jo-Ann's BOM and I told you I did that one too? Well we must be on the same wavelength because I did that flower BOM too. Th flowers were a lot of fun. Enjoy working on them. Look forward to seeing them sometime.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had as much fun as I did! Looks like you got some really nice things. Don't make yourself rush into those BOM's; I have some BOM kits from guild years ago! *wink* I'm going to find me some of those little hooks! ---"Love"

  4. I picked up the Quiltmakers' Block magazine, and completely forgot about the contest... ah well. It's a great issue.

    The BOM looks like it will be a lot of fun. I hope you'll share your progress with us!

    I use similar clips for my design wall. When we reno'd the extra bedroom to be my quilt'n room, the "closet" is my desk/workspace with computer. I have a shower rod that goes where the closet doors would (should) be. The rings I have didn't fit over the rod, but I used the plastic curtain rings, attached the clip rings, and hung a flannel sheet. When I'm not using the design wall, it is just "wooshed" out of the way. And when I'm using it, my computer and desk are hidden... and sometimes so am I, when I need to look up something on the computer. *grin*.


  5. Happy belated Birthday! You've found some real treasures there. I look forward to seeing what you do with that sunflower block - sounds like you've got some fantastic ideas!
    As a kid, I always groaned when my mom headed for the clearance aisle at craft/fabric stores, but guess where I head first now? Yep...clearance aisle!

  6. What a bunch of goodies;) Good luck on naming off all those makers of those blocks!!! would be fun to try it;)
    p.s....sunflowers are my favorite!!!!
    Happy Quilting!!!