Friday, February 25, 2011

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The snow came again through the night.  The sun is now out and the snow is beautiful.  Another inch is to come this afternoon.  I‘m sure this last stuff won’t stay too long.  That inch should make this the snowiest February in our history.


I thought that I would show you the socks.

  I like to take these to the girls appointments.  They are coming along nicely.  The knitting group gives me a hard time that they are not done yet.  They also give me a hard time that I chose the hardest thing to start with.  They forget I don't work on these very often.

I am waiting for the dishwasher to finish to start the next loaves of bread.  I also picked up Bonnie Hunters’  “Scraps & Shirttails”.  I ordered it into my local library.  I wish I could find one of Judy L.’s books in the library system.  I am looking forward to quilting on my Round Robin today.


  1. Ack snow! We also got about an inch overnight, I think making it the snowiest February for my area as well. Though I would rather not have the snow, I do know it won't last long, so I'm not grumbling too loud.

    The socks are looking great! I want to learn - someday...

  2. This winter here has made me feel almost like I might actually be in's been warm and dry like a mild summer, or spring.
    The socks are coming along great;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  3. Ugh, had enough of snow here! Today we were/are dealing with torrential rain this morning and now high winds this afternoon. Anything not nailed down is taking a spin! The socks are coming along great!


  4. The socks look great. We had snow here last night too. It has melted for the most part this afternoon. Now if we could just be donbe with it.

  5. I don't think I could knit anything if my life depended on it! (Of course, I've never tried, but neither am I going to try.) Your socks are going to be nice and warm! Today here was in the 50-60's and windy after almost 32 this morning early. It may hit 80 tomorrow, can you believe? That will be a great day! ---"Love"