Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My January UFO…Finished or Unfinished?

Here it it February 2nd.  The UFO Challenge Project that is running at “The Patchwork Times” has come to an end.  I have worked many days on my quilt.  I must say those that follow me on BloggeIMG_3176r are already aware of the issue I had. 
My project was the Alaskan Christmas Quilt.  I had lots of quilting to do.  I was well on the way to finishing.  On January 9th, all that remained was quilting on 1 small border and 1 large border.  I was thrilled with my progress.  As I was spraying the “blue pen” out of the inner border, it appeared to not come out.  In the end, it was the back fabric that bled onto the front and not the evil “blue pen” that we have all heard stories about.  I made the problem worse.
IMG_4212 So for the last few days, I have ripped.  I ripped the back fabric off, I ripped off the borders, I ripped out quilting.  Monday…I found fabric that matches the new quilt.  Did I mentioned that I tried to remove the color bleed with the RIT dye remover.  The whole quilt ended up losing the browns.  The quilt is now a different color.  Soooo, I can not just remove the bad fabric and replace it with the same fabric…they are not the same color anymore. 
I replaced the back fabric today.  I bought fabric to match the new color.  Yes, I could find some.  What do you think?  You can still see the areas that I haven’t replaced yet.  Most of it is just top stitched down.  I am no longer making the heirloom Christmas quilt.  Now it is a quilt full of stories.  If you click on the quilt you will see the green that I am going to have to live with.  You might also see the change in some of the colors.   IMG_4224.web_1_1
I did do a little work on some of the other projects while trying to decide how to tackle my problems.  I almost finished my top for project #2.  I did some work on my socks (project #9).
IMG_4220Here are a couple picks of the snow that came through.  We ended up with 16-18 inches.  The kids were out early yesterday, today and they just called it for tomorrow.  I am wondering if they have some damage at the school.  The roads aren’t that bad now.  Lola said last week some of the ceiling was coming in after a big snow.?.?  DH & I hit the driveway at 4:15am with our his and hers snow blowers.  What fun.  You have to understand…IMG_4223both of us did our stint in a part of the country that easily gets more than 120” of snow a year.  It is no big deal to drive in the stuff and we don’t mind clearing it.  DH went and picked up 2 coworkers to carpool into work.  They had to walk about 1/2mile, that is as close as DH could get to their homes.  It took about 30 minutes for him to go about 10 miles.

Enjoy every day.

Just Another Quilter


  1. What a wall of snow you have outside your door! We didn't get that much, but we also had almost none to begin with, so what we got doesn't look half bad until you realize it all happened at once. I love the his and hers snowblowers. We have one shovel and a plow service. I don't mind doing the walk and a path through the plow pile to get into the barn (those kitties are hungry too!), but the whole driveway including the end where the road snowplow piles it all up? No thank you! (We have a pretty long driveway too and I really think those plow guys have fun tearing down it...they go so fast.)

    With that said, the quilt is looking, um, better? I'm so sad about your disaster, but you're right, this is a quilt with stories. And I'd bet those stories will make it an heirloom a lot faster than fantastic quilting alone.

  2. Oh my! Such a quilting tragedy! I feel so sorry for you, because that fabric was so special to you, and was (still is) so beautiful!
    At this point, maybe a good question would be: What have you (and all of us) learned from this experience? I always wash all my fabrics, and I think you said you do too. But now I'm going to try to remember to cut a small strip and test it with a strip of white just to be sure. To be honest, I'm worrying a little about my two big patriotic quilts now, for the first time they have to be washed. I washed all that red, but did I test it enough????
    Try to make the best of it, then put it behind you and forge ahead with your new projects!
    I suspect there's a lesson here for all of us! ---"Love"

  3. Your determination to fix this is a demonstration of your commitment to the fun and memories you had on the trip;) I would in no way want to live where there was that much snow. Hope you stay warm and well;) Happy Quilting!!

  4. While you can see a change in some of the colours, the quilt is still very pretty. I can't imagine the work that has gone into this quilt, but I can imagine the pride you will feel when it is finished. Good luck


  5. I think you did the right thing! So finish your repairs, quilt and bind, then chalk the rest up to experience! This is one of the reasons I tend to use only muslim for my quilt backs. The quilt is still pretty and will still keep you warm. Still struggling with snow here and now ice. We had a big ice storm yesterday.


  6. Well you are well on your way with the repairs. I really feel so badly for you... but it will indeed be a quilt with lots of stories and one you will never forget.

  7. Oh dear what a shame, the same thing happened to me on a flower wallhanging quilt even thou I prewashed!!
    Good luck with your repairs.