Thursday, February 3, 2011

February’s UFO

Now I know that I did not finish my January UFO.  It did have some extra ordinary problems.  I now need to decide if I am going to work to finish January (there is probably 1 week of work left) or start on February. 
Here is the quick peek at February…
This quilt was a Round Robin adventure by our Sit n Sew.  The top was completed in 2005 and took 18 months.  We did not get to see our quilts during the whole 18 month period.  Each person in the group added a border to the quilt.  I made the center star with the red.
IMG_4225.web_1_1As you can see it is my standard colors.  I initially had wanted to make this quilt a little larger and put it on my King Size bed.  The lights in this quilt did not go with the wall hanging that is above the headboard.  I kept looking at the quilt and trying to decide how to bring in more rose color from the wall hanging and tone down the “lights” that the wall hanging didn’t contain.  The wall hanging is my variation of Buggy Barn’s Crazy Ray.  In the end I decided to take the remaining Crazy Ray block and begin another quilt similar to the Round Robin.  That is how the KING was started.  At that point the Round Robin was sent to the corner, rarely to be seen.  I am excited about working on it.  I think that I will probably put the Christmas quilt on the back burner for a few days and see how much this quilt will entail to finish it.  My quilting ideas are starting to flow.
I did a few modifications to this quilt.  My quilt seemed to have missed the applique round, so I added the burgundy swirls.  I also have some coxcomb flowers and bias to finish up the outer border.  I think that I will sew the applique down and quilt it at the same time.  Back to quilting.  Oh by the way, I am not sure that some of this fabric won’t run….Joy.

Stop over and see Judy L. at "The Patchwork Times".  She is the one organizing the UFO Challenge.

Just Another Quilter….Enjoying another challenge.


  1. That quilt is beautiful! If it is calling to you, work on it. You'll enjoy it more that way. (Could you try one of those purple air-erasable markers instead of the blue?)

  2. Wow, another beautiful quilt. I just love the combination of colours. You should definitely work on this one.


  3. You are the Master (or should I say Mistress?) of Compass-type quilts! First the KING, and now this! It is gorgeous! In your blog, you said, "I'm excited about working on it." So go for it! That's the best time! Keep us posted on your progress! ---"Love"

  4. That is so beautiful! I agree with everyone else. If you are excited to work on this quilt, do so. You will get so much done, so much faster. It is sort of the way I work on mine and why I have so many projects going at the same time. That quilt is another winner!


  5. Love this quilt too;) I will keep my fingers crossed for you that this one doesn't run or bleed;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  6. Beautiful!! I hope it won't run/bleed, but I'd stick some Shout color catchers in the wash with it just in case. Happy quilting!!