Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Latest Rollercoaster and July UFO

I can’t believe it was 2 weeks ago that I was sitting watching Alex Anderson, Ricky Tims and Libby Lehman.  I will get the pics of the seminar up soon.  DH has been traveling for work.  He was gone during the week of the seminar.  The girls had a couple of long days, while I was at the seminar and Dad was out of town.  We had 2 days together before the family all went different ways.  Lola went to Journalism camp (south) for 3 days, DH headed off for more training (west) and MJJR and I headed off to visit with family and hang out at the beach on Lake Michigan (east).  We all returned home Thursday night.  I managed to get some time and finished the July UFO done late Sunday night.  I still might put another brown strip around the outside.DSC00505
I can’t wait to work on the next UFO.  For August, the UFO is #7.  This is my Dahlia quilt.  The top is one that has gentle curves.  I took the class before I was ready to try curves.  I finished the dahlia several years ago.  I find it funny that this quilt was chosen at this time.  I struggle to find excitement in this quilt.  It is a lovely top.  It has very little left to finish the top.  After watching how Ricky Tims’ achieves his gentle curves, I thought during the seminar that my dahlia quilt might accept this technique quite well.  Now this quilt has been drawn for finishing, and so close to learning the technique and dreaming of the techniques on this quilt.  I believe that it is the way it was meant to be. . . this quilt couldn’t have been drawn until I learned the technique.  I don't have any pics of the dahlia quilt.  I will get some soon.


  1. That border really makes it. I thought it was more blue before (and went back to look), but I love how the borders really frame it in and it looks complete (even if you do put another border on). Yay for the finish. I look forward to seeing the dahlia quilt!

  2. Wow. I love how that quilt turned out.I like the setting. It looks very complicated, was it?
    Great colors too.
    Have fun with the Dahlia....can't wait to see it.

  3. I love that geometric design! Quite a striking quilt! I love it! ---"Love"