Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Latest Adventure

We have returned from our latest adventure.  The girls returned to school on Tuesday last week.  I took Thursday to relax and have the ladies over for breakfast.
We joined DH on his business trip.  We enjoyed the day at Niagara Falls.  This is a view of the “American Falls”.  This set of falls is on the US side.  The pics are taken from the Canadian side.  The observation deck is in the same location as the old border bridge that was taken off its foundation from an ice jam, many years ago.
This is the official “Niagara Falls”.  Water from these falls is  from 4 of the Great Lakes.  The mist from the falls is so big that you can see it from miles away. If you enlarge this photo you will see the boat on the right side.  This is a fairly large boat, holds a couple hundred people and is 2 stories high.  We went on the boat.  We were given rain jackets to wear.  MJJR decided to not were the hood, her hair was completely drenched.  The amount of water and the quickness of it coming was unbelievable.  At night, the locals turn down the spigot and capture the energy for electricity.  We enjoyed the day with some new friends.  Another family from the same training DH was attending came to the falls with us.  The family is from Spain.  The 5 of us girls had a great time while the DH’s had training.  We did some back to school shopping. 

 We also found a great museum.  This children’s museum has a wonderful butterfly garden.  They have both an indoor and outdoor garden. Not only did they have awesome butterflies, they also had a hatching center.


 There was 2 big windows full of chrysalis’.  This looks creepy at first.  Butterflies are drying their wings and you can see some are moving trying to get out.
Now that things are getting back to normal (Yeah, right!  Our well went out today and we are expecting a hotel visit for a couple days unless the fix is easier than expected), I am hoping to work on the dahlia quilt.  I am still avoiding the work.  I have done some extra cleaning, knitting and anything else to avoid the quilt. 

Happy Quilting,
Just Another Quilter


  1. Niagara Falls is a great place to visit. I've been there a couple of times when my kids were small. We rode the Maid of the Mist, walked behind the falls, and walked the boardwalks in the viewing areas. Those are great memories. I remember watching the water flow over the falls and being amazed that it just keeps flowing, on and on. Sounds like a great trip for you. The butterflies would be fun to see. Good luck with your well fix, hope it is an easy one!

  2. Beautiful pictures of Niagara Falls, another place I'll never get to see firsthand, so thanks for sharing! The butterflies were different to any I've ever seen too. I'm glad several of you are getting to see beautiful sites this summer! ---"Love"

  3. What a great adventure. Looks beautiful. I want to get there one day and see it in person. I will wear the hood.LOL

  4. Love the black butterfly and the falls are just awesome! Do you think you might be wasting more time avoiding the Dahlia than if you just sat down and got it done and out of your hair forever? Just a thought...


  5. What beautiful photos of Niagra Falls. And the butterflies are beautiful, too. I hope your well fix is an easy one!

  6. It all looks so amazing! Is it as noisy as I've been told? Butterflies are extraordinary creatures. What a special trip! Ann :-)