Monday, August 8, 2011

The Ricky Tims’ Seminar

I wanted to show a little about the seminar that came to town.  I really learned how to quilt from watching Alex Anderson and stopping by the LQS and talking to a seamstress that would hold classes periodically.  She would conduct business in the shop but doesn’t work in the LQS.  So to have Alex Anderson come to town was BIG for me.  I had made a Convergence Quilt by converting a Ricky Tims’ pattern for my dad.  I loved how fast it went together.  Mine was throw size and had 4 fabrics.  Libby Lehman…didn’t know much about her before going into the seminar…just that she was a machine quilter.

I am not one to be awestruck, I was when I saw Alex.  It was in very early the 1st day.  I could talk to her it was so slow…I just couldn’t think of anything really to say.  A quilter not having much to say?  Me not talking?  Who is this dumbfounded girl?  I did manage to ask if I could get my picture taken with her.  Yes, of course.  (I have to decide now to show you the pic or just leave it up to your imagination.  As I have 12 & 16 year old girls…I have to make sure that I make the same choices that I would like them to make. Facebook and sharing isn’t always good.  For this reason I think that I will not put the pic in.)  :{
DSC00487 (1024x1008)DSC00484It was soo cool to see some of the quilts that we see around.
I sat right in front of this Lonestar quilt.  It was neat to look at this quilt over the 3 day seminar.  Ricky and his father made this quilt together.  The Rhapsody quilt was also up front.  I love how such a bright red is the neutral color is this quilt.  Ricky also mentioned how 10 spools of thread was not enough to machine applique down of the pieces.

DSC00490 (1024x956)
I also love the way Libby has moved from her thread play to the color variations and reverse applique of her more current quilts.  These quilts are generally simple piecing.  She will draw a line and then stitch and cut out the outside or the inside.  She then will satin stitch around the raw edge to cover it up.  This is done before the layering.  She uses a LOT of stabilizer. 

DSC00503 (973x1024)This is Alex’s latest BOM.  This is the brighter color variation.  My pic with Alex is in front of the beige and brown variation.  If you ever get the opportunity to go to something like this, do it.  I am not sure that I learned many new things.   I will try some of Ricky’s techniques and maybe Libby’s.  Alex’s stuff…I would never sign up to make a quilt that looked like this one.  My KING was intricate…but I did not see the final project until I was done.  I would not have sign up to make that quilt if I had seen the finished project.  I do thnik getting all those quilters in one place is fun.  I have been to many retreats and classes.  You just need to have quilters sharing ideas.  Even if you don't think that you will use the may just be what the person sitting next to you needs to know to open them up and share that trick you is just what you need to know.  I really am glad that I went.  I enjoyed meeting new people (I ate with people I didn't know and even got to show them the Chocolate Manor.)

Hope you enjoy the pics.
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  1. The quilts you've shown today are truly beautiful, and I'm glad you got to participate in that wondeful event. Just know that your KING impressed me just as much. I remember watching it develop when I first got into blogging. I was amazed! ---"Love"

  2. Wow what masterpieces! 10 spools of thread? I think I would have rather not known that! Are you inspired yet? Or still just in awe?

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  4. I think it's fabulous that you've had the opportunity to meet some quilting celebrities and see their work up close. No wonder you were tongue-tied! You may be over-awed by their quilts but I'm sure you will come away with some tidbit of inspiration - a new colour combination or a fabric used in a different way. KING is an amazing quilt - don't undersell your own abilities. Ann :-)

  5. How cool to meet such celebrity quilters. And see their work. I agree with you that you never know what will open something up for you. Always fub to hear other tips and hints.
    I agree that King is amazing.
    Glad you had fun. Thanks for sharing.