Friday, March 23, 2012

Finish It Up Friday—March 23th

This quilt came together very fast.  Eight Fat Quarters returned home with our family from Maui in 2010.  These were purchased in the “Mall” not far from the airport on Maui.  The family could look through the mall while I took my time finding the perfect fabric.  These fabrics all have a gold metallic accent on them.  The pattern is from the April 2012 “American Quilting and Patchwork”—Sticks & Bricks.  The magazine has a queen size pattern.  The website has a juvenile size pattern in a different colorway.  My version measures somewhere between the two sizes.  Construction was easy
DSC01037 (991x1024)
by sewing the small background spacer fabric to the “Sticks”.  Layout was so much easier when these small pieces were already sewn together.  The 1 background piece was sewn onto all the “sticks” then set aside 1 of each fabric and finished sewing the remainder of the background fabrics on.  Layout happened on the floor.

I was approached again about teaching another class.  The class is on 4/12 with a finishing session on 5/3.  The quilt will be the “Patches with Rows” inspired by Bonnie Hunter’s “Patches & Pinwheels”.  Our quilts look so different but are all the same construction, color placement is the only difference. 
Tomorrow is sewing day with a friend.  I am looking forward to working on some borders and piecing backs together.  I hope I can send some tops off to the quilters.

Happy Quilting
Just Another Quilter


  1. Yay for teaching another class! I hope it goes well. The quilt is a beauty, so everyone should be signing up, right? Enjoy your sewing day tomorrow - I hope you get lots done!

  2. The first quilt, though quite simple, is very attractive, and the second one has me trying to figure it out. Is it basically half-squares and four-patches? (My eyes are blind tonight!) It's lovely for sure! ---"Love"

  3. I love the colours in the quilt - it looks really cool! Good luck with the teaching - have fun!

  4. You have been busy! Both quilts are so pretty but I really love the second one. Like Love, I have been trying to figure out the piecing!

  5. Sticks and bricks looks so pretty! Looks pretty simple to put together.
    Patches and pinwheels is such a great pattern. Love your colors. It have been on my 'want to do' list for a while.

  6. Nice work. I especially like the sticks and bricks!